Alex Tien


I am a graduate from Rutgers University with a B.A. degree in the Fine Arts and a concentration in Painting and Drawing. I have much experience in working with children from my jobs as an Art Teacher for children aged 4 through 14.

I am a creative individual with a high level of patience and understanding for others. I possess a flexible mind that is able to adapt to various situations appropriately and able to meet deadlines accordingly.

My works and style are mostly of an Abstract and Impressionistic nature. To me, art is oftentimes subjective. Most people relate with a work of art by finding a personal story or memory that can be the bridge that connects the individual to the piece. I personally like the 'hunt' in finding the possible meaning, whether it exists or not. The meaning that one may find may not be the same as another person. I like to have fun with my paintings so that a picture is truly worth a thousand words, where viewers will be able to discuss and share their unique and personal feelings and memories with one another.